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Arrival & Dismissal Procedures
Published by Jeana Starkey on August 1, 2018

Important Reminders Regarding Morning Arrival

  • If you will be escorting your child into school on the first day, please park on Westlawn Ave, Bethune Street, or Sutton Street. Make sure you are not blocking driveways and adhere to posted traffic signs. There are parking spaces available in the front parking lot.
  • If you are dropping your child off at school, the drop off time is from 7:30-7:55 a.m. at the back of campus. There will be staff members on duty to assist your child.
  • There is NO drop off at the front of our campus unless you park and you escort your child into school.
  • If your child is a bus rider, they will be dropped off in front of the school at 7:30 a.m. Students will report directly to class.
  • At 7:55 a.m., the back gate will be locked.  At that time, you will need to park at the front campus and escort your child to the classroom.
  • At 8:00 a.m., your child is considered tardy and will need to be checked in by parent/guardian in the front office.

Afternoon Dismissal Procedures

Over the years, we have had many questions regarding our afternoon dismissal process.  Below you will find a map and directions regarding our expectations on getting your child to you in a safe and orderly manner.  Please review these procedures carefully.

(Bus Riders)

Our goal is to have all buses loaded and leaving campus between 2:45-2:50.  Your best plan of action is to get to the bus stop 10 minutes prior to your bus stop time and remain at the bus stop until the bus arrives.  A parent or parent designee is required to be at the bus stop to receive your child. If there is no one at the bus stop, the driver is required to return the child to school.  At Meet and Greet, you will receive a piece of colored paper with your child’s name on it, please show this to the bus driver as the bus approaches.


Walkers can be picked up right outside of the auditorium in the back parking lot. Students will not be dismissed at the front of school. At Meet and Greet, you will receive a piece of colored paper with your child’s name on it, please show this to the staff member who is dismissing your child so that she knows who your child belongs to.  Only students who live within the non transport zone can be considered a walker.

(Car Riders)

At approximately 2:37, we begin the transition for afternoon dismissal.  It takes approximately 5-8 minutes to get car riders into the foyer, ready and organized to begin the process of calling names.  Using the walkie talkie, an administrator calls out names of students whose parents are in the car line in groups of 6.  The students walk down the front steps in the designated position.  Once students get to the sidewalk and all cars have stopped, students are escorted to the car.   This process is repeated until all car riders have been picked up.  It is imperative that you cooperate with us by doing the following:

1-Review the map for guidance.  It is best practice to get in the car line from Fort Bragg Road, preferably from one of the side streets coming from Terry Sanford High School.  Do not attempt to take a left onto Sutton Street from Morganton Road or a left onto Sutton from Fort Bragg Road

2- At Meet and Greet, you will receive a piece of colored paper with your child’s name on it, please display this paper on your front dashboard so that a staff member can read the child’s name when she begins calling students.  You need to keep this in your car ALL school year.  We do begin to recognize cars; however, there are times that we have different people calling names.

3-Remain in your car at all times.  We realize this process does take time; however, it is necessary for your child’s safety that this process runs smoothly.  Do not park your car on Westlawn Avenue and expect to walk up and get your child.  This only slows down the process and you will not get your child until all children are picked up.  

4-Practice with your child buckling and unbuckling your child’s car seat.  This will help expedite the process.

5-Have patience during the first few weeks of school. Realize that this is a new process for our kindergarten students.  It typically takes between 15-20 minutes (2:50-2:55) to complete this process. As the school year progresses, the process goes faster.  

6-Refrain from blocking driveways, especially on Sutton Street.

7-Reminder-there are no check outs after 2:15p.m.